Hay System Diet food combining for Healthy Living


Protein or Carbohydrate

For your convenience I have included a table of which foods go into which catagory

Hay System Food Types 

Protein Neutral Carbohydrate
All types of Meat Vegetables - (Except Potatoes) Potatoes
Poultry All Nuts - (Except Peanuts) Bread
All Dried Beans Honey Flour
Fish Herbs Oats
Shellfish Butter Wheat
Whole eggs Cream Barley
Cheese All salad stuff Rice
Milk Cold Pressed Oils Millet
All Fruits - Sprouted Seeds Buckwheat
(Except those in the starch group) Seeds Ripe Pears
All legumes/Lentils Maple Syrup Bananas


In the hay system diet you can mix the neutral foods with either the protein or carbohydrates just do not mix the protein with the carbohydrates at any one meal.

Rather than examining every meal you can choose from a selection of meals which have already been verified. Simply go to the hay system recipes page and create your own hay system meal plan.