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Most people are nowadays familar with the term food combining. So why are we so dismissive of the health benefits food combining can provide?

It has been noticed that people who live by the food combining rules are less likely to die of food related disease so why do we dismiss it so easily? It is recognised that only humans combine foods in the way we do. Which begs the question 'Have you ever seen a crocodile that needs to brush his or her teeth?'

I consider that scientists will never understand why food combining works as well as it does and the reason for this is because it is so simple. Scientists are too used too having complicated explanations and reasonings. Also I fear there is no benefit to scientists for discovering why food combining works and therefore it will never be fully persued.

The simple fact of why food combining works is because it allows the body to work more efficiently because your digestive system has less to do. By not mixing proteins and carbohydrates at any one meal will always make life simplier for your digestive system. The medical system is certainly moving in the right direction and more emphasis has been put on diet however medical professionals still fail to put nutrition at the forefront of medical examination. When was the last time a doctor of nurse question what you was eating?

If I asked you to throw a ball in the air with your right hand and catch it with your right hand it probably wouldn't cause you too much complication. However if I asked you to do the same thing whilst also rubbing your tummy with your left hand it would cause you more stress and would take more energy. Because you would be completely concentrated on this task you would not have time for anything else. The same conditions applies with your digestive system.

By reducing the effort your digestive needs to make allows your body to work more efficiently. INo scientific notion is required because it is simple common sense which should not be ignored.