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How to get started with the Hay System Diet

The rules to to Hay System Diet is as follows.

Foods are to be classified into three different food types.

  1. Neutral Foods - This includes most fruit, vegetables, nuts and salad.

  2. Proteins - Meat, fish, eggs and cheese

  3. Carbohydrates - Starch foods such as bread, grains and foods made with flour.


Protein foods must not be eaten with Carbohydrates at any one meal.

Proteins can be mixed with neutral foods at the same meal.

Carbohydrates can be mixed with neutral foods at the same meal.

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Other things to consider 

Proteins starches and fats should be eaten in small quantities.

All processed foods should not be eaten including crisps, ready made meals and fizzy drinks.

Whereever possible three meals should be eaten per day, one from each category. (one neutral meal, one protein meal and one carbohydrate meal).

It is encouraged that snacks such as fruit, grapes or yoghurt are to be had between main meals.

Vegetable and fruit juices are a great way to enhance the hay system diet.

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